Responsible Pet Care

Jackie Johnston

5 Tips to Make a Cat Owner’s Life Easier

Cats can be bundles of joy as well as sources of frustration. Here are 5 tips for cat owners that can ensure that the “good cat days” outweigh the “bad cat days.”

What You Need to Know About Your Dog’s Sleep

Your Dog’s Sleep: What You Need to Know

Dog’s sleep isn’t the same as humans, so it can sometimes be tough to understand how well your dog is sleeping. In general, a dog’s sleep is adaptive and flexible. But sometimes, they need your support, and there are things you can do to ensure your dog is able to get the rest they need.

How Much to Feed your Puppy

Feeding your puppy may seem pretty straightforward, but there’s more to mealtime than many new pet parents realize. Just like a lot of humans, puppies would love a daily all-you-can-eat buffet, but it’s usually better to feed them at certain times and not feed them between meals.

Trevor James

Tips for Having a Safe, Fun Trip with Your Dog

Are you going on a trip with your dog? Excellent idea! Dogs make the absolute best travel buddies. They’re eager to please and never complain – no matter how long the car trip. But, before you head off, you’ll need to do some prep-work first. Here’s how you can have a fun and safe trip with your four-legged friend.

Emily Parker

Foods You Should Never Let Your Cat Eat

While in some cases, it may seem harmless to give your cat a small tidbit from your plate, there are other times when letting your cat eat certain foods can be life-threatening. Therefore, no matter how sad kitty looks when waiting for a morsel of food, you are doing your cat a favor by sending them back to their own food bowl.

CARE Korea

Petiquette Training Improves Students’ Attitudes

For the last 3 months, students in grades 3-6 at Yang Pyeong Elementary School took part in our “Discovering Petiquette” workshop. We have received feedback from parents that they have noticed changes in their children’s attitudes towards animals.

Woman brushing horse's neck
Gabriel Lawley-Jones

Essential Guide to Basic Horse Care

Whether your horse is a thoroughbred, or a humble child’s pony, basic horse care must include six essential elements; food, shelter, foot care, teeth care, regular worming, and brushing.

Wildlife Dangers While Walking your Dog
Lucy Bailey

Wildlife Dangers While Walking your Dog

While walking your dog, there are dangers from wild animals in the form of physical attacks, and from the diseases they can carry, especially those transmitted by rodents.

Creating a Safe and Cozy Home for your Adopted Cat
Emily Parker

Creating a Safe and Cozy Home for your Adopted Cat

Having an adopted cat, particularly one that may have been abused, you obviously want it to feel safe and happy in your home. By understanding a cat’s nature and instincts, and your adopted cat’s pre-adoption history, you can create a feline paradise.