Abandoned & Stray Animals

Sick Dogs Neglected at Dairy Farm - 01
CARE Korea

Sick Dogs Neglected at Dairy Farm

Dogs had been neglected with no roof over their heads, inadequate space to lie down, nor proper food and water. Some of them had eyes bulging with infections.

Otu, Saved from the Flames - 10
CARE Korea

Otu, Saved from the Flames

Otu was saved from the flames of the 2019 Gangwon Province forest fires. She now lives with her new adopted family in Toronto, Canada.

Abandoned in a Cage - Light’s Story
CARE Korea

Abandoned in a Cage – Light’s Story

Light had been abandoned in a cage and left alone for four months along with 9 other dogs. He has now found his new forever family in Los Angeles.

CARE - 2019 - A Year in Review
CARE Korea

A Review of 2019

Our acheivements in 2019 were due to the ongoing support of our generous donors, the hard work and dedication of our staff and volunteers, and those who encourage us and stand with us on social media.

CARE Korea

Ruki Diets To Meet His New Family

We rescued dogs living under a bridge shivering in the cold. A ripped sheet and a few bowls were on the ground, and puppies were licking bones with no meat. Ruki was one of them.

CARE Korea

Rescued from the Streets – Fitz’s Story

In the winter of 2018, we had a call that a dog was running around on a dangerous two-lane road. Fitz stayed with us for a while, but eventually found his forever family in Toronto, Canada, and now has a doggy friend to hang out with.

CARE Korea

Fastest Adoption in the … East

We had no idea how we would cope with three more dogs dumped on our doorstrep one morning, but even before we had advertized them, someone came forward to adopt all three.