Jae In Moon

South Korean Constitutional Amendments to Include Animal Rights

On March 20th, the Blue House Secretary for Civil Affairs, Cho Kuk, announced a detailed briefing of the constitutional amendment bill in which President Jae-in Moon expands basic rights and strengthen the power of the people. The amendment bill includes a clause that gives provision to establish a policy for the protection of animal rights.

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Tori’s State Visit to CARE

Have you been wondering what’s going on with Tori? On March 6th, he made a state visit to the CARE office. The visit was scheduled as part of our adoption follow-up process to check how Tori has been doing at the Blue House.

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Dereliction of Duty Not Acceptable in Our Modern Democracy

In April, we had a call to attend animal abuse near Buyeo, a town in Chungnam Province, South Korea. A large black dog was being transported in the back of a truck with a professional dog catcher’s noose around its neck. The dog’s head, face and mouth were bleeding heavily and he looked as though he had been beaten with a blunt object.

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President Jae In Moon to Adopt Dog from CARE

During his campaign, South Korea’s 19th president, Jae-in Moon, promised to adopt a dog from CARE as First Dog, the official companion dog of the First Family. Animal rights groups, animal lovers, and the Hankyoreh newspaper are demanding that he make good on this most easily-kept promise.

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