What You Need to Know About Your Dog’s Sleep

Dogs and humans don’t sleep the same way, so it can sometimes be tough to understand how well your dog is sleeping. In general, dogs sleep adaptively, and can get the rest they need on a flexible schedule. But sometimes, they need your support, and there are things you can do to ensure your dog is able to get the rest they need.

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Boy and dog on stairs

Snoopy’s Adoption Story from the Netherlands

This December 2nd marks the 4th year of Snoopy’s arrival into our family in the Netherlands. A lot has happened throughout the past 4 years, but all in all, Snoopy and our family have been getting along very well. I hope my follow-up will help those who are planning on adopting.

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Dog on operating table

Ba-dook; Tied Up All Her Life

We received a phone call from Chungju City. A small white and tan dog was tied with a heavy iron chain outside one of the houses in the neighborhood. The neighbor described the dog’s neck as covered in weeping sores and blood because its collar was tight around its neck. The dog seemed to be in a bad way and the neighbor was concerned for its life.

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Dogs in a small cage

9 Dogs Locked in a Cage for 4 Months

We received a phone call from a man from the Moran Market Dog Meat Association. Surprisingly, he was reporting that some dogs had been abandoned in a small cage for a couple of months on a hill near the market.

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Dog Thrown from a Balcony

One of our members saw a dog being thrown from a second story balcony on the evening of July 1st, in Ilsan, a city to the west of Seoul, South Korea. The cries of a dog in distress could often be heard from the apartment from which the dog was thrown.

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Rescued from Dog Fight, Owner Surrendered Different Dog

On May 30th, CARE and local police raided a dog-fighting pit in Ganghwa Island, off the north-west coast of South Korea right on the border with North Korea. We asked the police to take the two blood-covered dogs that were fighting as we arrived, Gumdoongii and Nurungii, but they refused.

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One Day Pastel Pet Drawing Class

Have you ever fancied immortalizing your pet pooch in pastel? Well, now you can! Join Min-young Jo’s One Day Pastel Class for pets in Mapo-gu, Seoul on Sunday, June 24th.

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Ganggeoni Suffered Burns over Half his Body

A large fire in the East District of Ulsan, a city in south east South Korea, engulfed a dog meat farm, severely burning some of the dogs. Instead of tending to the injured dogs, the farm owner decided to leaving them to die from their injuries one by one.

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Kodol-yi; Rescued from Moran Market Adopted

Almost immediately after he recovered and was transferred to our adoption center in Dapshimni, he found his new family. It often takes much longer to get adopted, but perhaps it was the fact that he was a puppy that melted the adopter’s heart.

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When you Must Leave them Behind

A woman was occasionally dropping by her aged aunt’s house to check up on her and her two dogs. However, she’d had no contact with her aunt for several weeks, and felt something was wrong.

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