Animal Protection Act

Physical Pain Recognized as Animal Cruelty

A gas station owner in Jangheung, South Jeolla Province, who habitually assaulted his two dogs is possibly to be charged with “acts causing physical pain,’ a clause included in the Animal Protection Act in September 2018.

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Cats in a cage

“Purpose of a Pet” Obstacle to Banning Illegal Animal Sales

On 28th June this year, the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (MAFRA) responded to the question of whether dog sellers in traditional markets should be formally registered as animal traders. The Ministry stated that “each regional authority should make rational decisions whether the animals sold are pets that are the subjects of animal trade registration.” This amounts to an authoritative interpretation of the law.

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Investigation and Rescue in Cheonan

We received a report about a dog slaughterhouse and dog farm in Cheonan, a city about one and a half hours south of Seoul, at which the owner of the slaughterhouse killed the dogs in an especially brutal way. What we encountered when we arrived was horrific even for experienced investigators.

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Proposed Amendment to South Korean Animal Protection Act

A proposed amendment to the Animal Protection Act was introduced on June 20th, 2018. Animal rights organizations welcome this amendment and urge congress to pass it quickly into law. CARE has been consulting with Congressman Chang Won Pyo on this legislation, and we hope that this government acts responsibly and ends the decades-long industrial-scale illegal slaughter of dogs in South Korea.

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Dereliction of Duty Not Acceptable in Our Modern Democracy

In April, we had a call to attend animal abuse near Buyeo, a town in Chungnam Province, South Korea. A large black dog was being transported in the back of a truck with a professional dog catcher’s noose around its neck. The dog’s head, face and mouth were bleeding heavily and he looked as though he had been beaten with a blunt object.

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