Jerry is a shy with a serious facial expression, but is charming and good-natured. Whenever he gets scared, Jerry looks for his friends to snuggle with. Once he’s with his friends, he relaxes. Jerry’s life hasn’t been easy; he’ll need time to adjust to a new environment. We want to find a family who can take the time to get to know Jerry and provide the loving home that he deserves.

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Though he pretends to be uninterested when someone approaches, if you offer a hand, he’ll sniff it cautiously. However, he doesn’t deal well with being petted or held without this permission, and may lash out defensively. Without this provocation, though, he is calm and adorable.

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Wonseo was a street cat who used to come to the food that we put out for stray cats. However, she disappeared for a while

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We received a call from a man saying that his friend had suddenly disappeared leaving three dogs and 3 cats at her house. When the

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Tobi is one of two kittens that were born after their mother and other siblings were rescued. Unfortunately, suffering from disease and malnutrition, the mother

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Eyang was living on the streets with her mother, but the mother disappeared, and assuming she was abandoned, someone took her into his house. However,

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Dodo’s mom was rescued by CARE in June of 2014 and gave birth to Dodo 2 months later. Soon after, little Dodo was adopted into

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Momo was rescued with an injured foot. He uses the top of his left foot to walk because of the curvature of his front leg,

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