Our Mission

Rescue and rehome abused and neglected animals in South Korea.

End the holding and abuse of animals for the purposes of food and clothing production, experimentation, entertainment, and trade.

Improve the rights and welfare of all animals through lobbying for better animal rights legislation and through public education.

Encourage compassionate and cruelty-free lifestyles by promoting veganism as an effective way of significantly reducing animal suffering.

Rescue & Adopt

We rescue, rehabilitate, and re-home abused, abandoned, and neglected animals. We run two shelters—usually housing around 400-600 cats and dogs—an adoption center, and an education center.

We promote an “Adopt; Don’t Buy” culture for the adoption of companion animals to eventually eradicate pet shops and, by extension, the puppy mills that supply them.

Campaign & Educate

We campaign for and defend animal rights, fight against the dog meat trade, vivisection, factory farming, whaling, the fur industry, and the holding of animals captive for display and entertainment.

We lobby the South Korean government for improvements to animal welfare legislation.

  • Our efforts have recently seen amendments to the South Korean Animal Protection Act, which now includes much better safeguards for animals and stronger penalties for abuse and cruelty. 
  • The first person ever to be incarcerated for an animal abuse crime was because of the effort of CARE.

We regularly run public awareness and education campaigns and educational seminars throughout the country to promote animal welfare knowledge and animal rights issues.

Investigate & Report

We investigate and report on a wide range of animal rights and welfare related issues.

  • In 2011, our undercover investigations exposed the South Korean government disposing of millions of pigs by burying them alive. 
  • From 2011 to 2013 we conducted the most in-depth undercover investigation of South Korea’s dog meat industry to date, exposing the terrible and endemic animal cruelty involved.

Promote a Compassionate Cruelty-free Lifestyle

We campaign from a wider perspective of living a cruelty-free lifestyle and showing compassion for the sentient beings with which we share this planet. 

We actively promote veganism as a significant and effective way of reducing animal suffering.

We Rely Entirely on Donations

Our work is made possible only by the generosity of people like you who have donated $50,752.28 to our mission.

Help us reduce the suffering of more animals, make their lives better, find them safe and loving homes, and promote a compassionate and cruelty-free lifestyle by becoming a supporter.