Guest Authors

We are happy to receive and publish guest articles as long as they adhere to the following guidelines. Please read them carefully to ensure your article is published without delay.

Use the form at the bottom of this page to submit your guest article.

Guest Post Guidelines

  1. Your article must be animal rights or animal welfare focussed and must fall into one of the following broad categories:
    • Animal abuse
    • Abandoned & stray animals
    • Animals for food
    • Animals in captivity
    • Animals for food
    • Animals for clothing
    • Animals for testing
    • Companion animals
    • Wild animals
    • Legislation
  2. Your article must not explicitly or implicitly endorse or condone any of the issues CARE campaigns against.
  3. Your article must not reference or link to any organization or person who takes part in, supports, endorses, or appears to condone any of the issues CARE campaigns against where such inclusion would match #2.
  4. Your article must be written in, and display a good command of, English.
    • Minor typos will be corrected, but if it requires major editing to make it comprehensible, it will be rejected.
  5. You must provide at least one featured image for your article.
    • All images must have dimensions of 1024px by 683px unless there is a specific reason why other dimensions are required.
    • All images must have appropriate usage rights.
    • Please don’t embed the images into the article. Instead indicate clearly where each image should go, and provide captions where appropriate.
  6. You must provide a 250px by 250px headshot or logo and a 50-word biography for the guest author box.
    • If the headshot is found to have come from a stock photo site, your article will be rejected.
  7. We do not accept articles from content agencies.

Guest Author Submission

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Please upload either a .docx or .odt file. Your article will be converted into a Google Doc and shared back to you so that you can approve any edits made to the original text.


Maximum file upload size 10MB. If you have more than three images, please zip them up and send them as one file.