Become a CARE Ambassador Raise Money for CARE in your Community

Use our peer-to-peer fundraising platform to start your own fundraising campaign, and become part of the CARE team.

Start Fundraising

If you have an idea for how to raise money to support our mission, start fundraising by visiting your Member Profile and clicking “Create a new campaign.”

Enter the details of the campaign and submit.

Once approved, your campaign will be live and you can share it with your friends and your community on social media.

Fundraising Ideas

If you need some help with an idea, check out some fundraising activity ideas below to help you get started.

Personal Challenge

Set yourself a personal challenge such as a walk or a run, or giving up something for some time, and get your community to sponsor you.

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Host An Event

Organize an exhibition, a concert, a dinner, or other social gathering, and have your guests pay for tickets by donating.


Donate Your Birthday

Instead of receiving presents on your birthday, ask your family and friends to donate instead.

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Organize An Auction

If you have some things to sell, hold a charity auction with the winning bids collected as donations.


Sell Goods Or Services

Hold a bake sale or offer to do odd jobs in your community. Instead of receiving payment, ask your community to donate.


Organize A Field Trip

Visit museums, art galleries, or explore your local environment. Ask participants to pay for tickets by donating. 

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