Abandoned & Stray Animals

Rescued from the Streets: Fitz’s Story

In the winter of 2018, we had a call that a dog was running around on a dangerous two-lane road. Fitz stayed with us for a while, but eventually found his forever family in Toronto, Canada, and now has a doggy friend to hang out with.

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Fastest Adoption in the … East

We had no idea how we would cope with three more dogs dumped on our doorstrep one morning, but even before we had advertized them, someone came forward to adopt all three.

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Why We Can Never Give Up

On November 2nd, we rescued a mother dog trembling with fear as she dug a hole in the ground to hide and protect her pups. At the time, a video of this dog, trying desperately to hide her pups though she herself was tied to a post, went viral and many people asked for our help.

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Beach Bum Jindo Finally Rescued

We received a call that a white Jindo dog was roaming around Eurwangni Beach in Incheon, wearing a collar that was so tight that it was cutting into its neck causing the flesh to rot.

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Interview with Ironman Mukul Nagpaul

We interviewed Mukul Nagpaul, a fitness coach, animal rights activist, and extreme sportsman from India. He had come to compete in Ironman Gurye in South Korea. However, this race was cancelled for safety reasons due to Typhoon Tapah.

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White, Another of Clara’s Pups Adopted

We are delighted to tell you that another of Clara’s puppies, White, has found a new adoptive family. White, or “Lucy” as she has been renamed, will be living with a family of an Air Force veteran, a firefighter, and two children.

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Joshua, Left Tied to a Toilet

We received an urgent call from one of our volunteers that a dog was in need of an immediate rescue. The dog was Joshua. He was tied up next to a toilet in the middle of an alley.

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Jelly’s 3,000 League Journey to Find Her Mother

Jelly is one of the dogs rescued from the wildfires in Gangwon Province in 2018. She, along with her mother Clara, was found unconscious on the ground. Having lost their home to the fire, Jelly’s family could no longer take care of the two dogs and decided to give them up for adoption.

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