We educate people about the abuses inherent in using animals for food, entertainment, clothing, and experimentation.

Black Labrador dog with tongue out

Your First Pet: How to Prepare Your Life and Home

Making the decision to get a pet is life-changing; it means having a sweet and loyal companion for years to come, but it also means taking on a huge responsibility. It’s important to do some research and be well-informed before choosing a pet, as she’ll be relying on you to take the best care of her you can.

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Wildlife Dangers While Walking your Dog

It is a fact that there are dangers to domesticated dogs from wild animals in the form of physical attacks, and from the diseases they can carry, especially those transmitted by rodents. In this article, we look at some of the dangers you may face while walking your dog in the countryside.

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Help Us in our Mission by…Shopping!

As well as donating, volunteering at events, translating, and spreading our message on social media, there is another way you can help us in our mission to improve animal rights and welfare in South Korea.

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Creating a Safe and Cozy Home for your New Cat

Having adopted a cat, particularly one that may have been abused, you obviously want it to feel safe and happy in your home. By understanding a cat’s nature and instincts, and your adopted cat’s pre-adoption history, you can create a feline paradise.

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Indiscriminate Killing of Wild Boar

News about wild boar has been in the new a lot this year, and the Ministry of Environment and local governments announced that they will control their numbers by mobilizing hundreds of hunters, and paying them, to kill them.

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