Urgent Appeal: Chained-up Pregnant Cow Escapes Forest Fire

Help us rescue this cow and move her to a farm sanctuary, where she can have her baby and live out the rest of her life.
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This is the cow discovered by CARE staff in Gangwon province where the recent forest fires occurred. Like the other cows, her neck was secured with heavy chains in a very narrow barn. She was fully pregnant, so, with the drive to protect one’s offspring being strong in all species, she broke her chains and escaped from the barn.

She didn’t escape entirely unharmed, though. She was found breathing heavily with burn scars over her body, blood dripping from her nose, and with most of the bones in one leg broken.

After escaping, however, she was not able to receive proper treatment or get any water to drink, because the water supply was cut off. When CARE staff gave her some water, she drank incredibly fast.

Since finding her, we have been trying to find a way to rescue her. Normally, the only way for the owner to receive compensation for the cowaccording to the compensation regulations of the Ministry of Agricultureis if it had died from chemical-related causes.

The owner will receive compensation for the loss of the other cows, but this cow is still alive and will not be sent to the slaughterhouse since she no longer has a marketable value.

With help from another animal rights organization, MOVE (Twitter, Facebook – both Korean), we were able to locate a small farm sanctuary, where she can give birth safely and live out the rest of her life. But the issue is compensation.

The owner expressed that if he cannot get compensation from the government, he won’t give up the cow for free, and initially demanded the sum of 8 million KRW (about $8,000,) which included the cow’s unborn. However, after negotiating over the last three days, he has agreed to drop the price to 5.5 million KRW (about $5,500.)

Currently, this cow is being treated like property and not getting the treatment she urgently needs. The only way to save her is to purchase her by paying the price the owner is demanding. If you can help us buy her from her owner, we can send her to the sanctuary.

If you can help, please donate using only PayPal. Your funds will be held until either the full amount is collected and we can buy her, or she dies before we can meet the owner’s price, in which case we will return your donation to you.