Support our Fight to Shut Down Dog Farms

The recent court ruling and the proposed amendment to the Animal Protection Act gives us the opportunity to end the dog meat industry in South Korea once and for all.
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The April 16th court ruling in Bucheon provided a precedent with which to prosecute other dog farmers violating the South Korean Animal Protection Act.

The proposed amendment by Congressman Chang Won Pyo, introduced on June 20th, will strengthen and clarify what constitutes animal cruelty by taking into account the suffering of animals.

These important and significant changes in the legal landscape surrounding animal abuse will make it easier for us to shut down dog farmers and prosecute those who slaughter dogs and cats illegally.

CARE has vowed that 2018 is the year in which the consumption of dog and cat meat, the farming of dogs, the illegal slaughter of dogs and cats for consumption, and the immense suffering this activities cause, will finally end in South Korea.

Help us realize this goal by making a donation and supporting both our rescue operations and the legal battles we must necessarily undertake.

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