Second Chance for Dog Meat Dogs

On September 15th, 2017, we shut down the last dog meat farm in Bucheon, South Korea. 44 dogs were rescued, taken to our shelter to recuperate, and wait for loving families to give them forever homes. Help us give them a second chance to be loved.
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The condition of the farm was far worse than what we had expected. Closest to the entrance, there were puppies locked up. The cages were covered with filth, dust and hair. Untreated excrement and filth were piled up below the cages.

The conditions were even worse when we got inside. The dim structure was almost entirely dark, and had little ventilation to let the odor out. Inside the cages covered in filth and hair, food waste given instead of dog food, giving off an unbearable stench, and some was moldy. Dogs known for their highly developed sense of smell, several hundred times more sensitive than humans, were agonizing in the atrocious stench which we found hard to bear for more than five minutes.

The dogs became aggressive when they saw the leashes; evidence of how brutally they had been treated.

At first we were quite surprised by how amicable the dogs were, but soon they turned aggressive, as if in a life-threatening situation, when we took out dog leashes . It was clear how brutally they had been treated until our rescue. We did their very best to calm them down, moving them into cages one by one, and then to the CARE shelter.

Being able to breathe fresh air in the sunlight, and pawing on earth and grass for the first time, some dogs grinned in joy, others cried, and some just rolled and rolled, elated at their freedom.

The sight of the dogs touched us in a way that cannot be put into words.

Fighting for a Free Dog Korea!
Fighting for a Free Dog Korea!

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