Puppy-Cat Charity Project

AROHA will donate funds to CARE in South Korea in honor of ASTRO!
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After you make your donation, please fill out the Project Perks Form in order to receive your Perks:

For this charity project, AROHA from around the world will donate funds to CARE in South Korea in honor of ASTRO.

To help the cats and dogs even from afar, and to show ASTRO our love and gratitude in a meaningful way!

ASTRO has always joked about how they look and act like cats and dogs.
They also have shown their love of animals and giving to others.

We believe they will truly appreciate this heartfelt and helpful gift! 💜

CARE: Coexistence of Animal Rights on Earth
• rescue, rehabilitate, and re-home abused, abandoned and neglected animals,
• run a no-kill shelter (the only organization in South Korea to do so), two adoption centres, and an education centre,
• work with various animal health centers to provide medical assistance to animals in low-income families,
• fight the dog and cat meat trade in South Korea.
• And more!           https://careanimalrights.org/mission/

A package containing:
• a letter (in Korean) describing the Project,
• a certificate of the donation in their name,
• a list of all Project Supporters,
• a Project-themed framed fan art will be sent to ASTRO after the full donation is made.

• For everyone:
○ Thank you e-mail
○ Name included in the package sent to ASTRO
• $5 USD:
○ Digital Project-themed fan art
• $10 USD:
○ Entry into ASTRO Special Mini Album ‘Rise Up’ giveaway
• $25 USD:
○ Entry into *signed* ASTRO Special Mini Album ‘Rise Up’ giveaway
(Mini Albums will include all package contents. Giveaway winners will be selected at random and notified by e-mail.)
[All perks sent after donation period is over.]

All updates about the Project will be shared via Twitter @WannaBYourStar7, using #PuppyCatProject.
Please spread interest by re-tweeting and sharing the Project with your AROHA friends!

If you have any questions, comments, or are interested in contributing to running the Project please e-mail WannaBYourStar7@gmail.com or DM on Twitter.

Thank you so much for being a part of the Puppy-Cat Charity Project!