I Am Not Food

Summer in South Korea is hell for dogs in dog farms. Rotting food, no water, and no shade from the sun before they are cruelly killed for food is all they have to look forward to.
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Not only do the dogs imprisoned in dog farms suffer over the summer, there is also the added horror of the increased consumption of dog meat over the three hottest days—the bok-nal days—because of the false belief that dog meat can cool the body and help you cope with the heat.

2018 is the year in which CARE has vowed to see the end of dog meat

Even though recent amendments to the Animal Protection Act make it easier to charge and prosecute illegal dog slaughter, and planned amendments to South Korea’s constitution will include animal rights, 5,000 dogs a day are still killed around the country in horrific ways. This means that almost 2,000,000 dogs are killed every year for food.

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