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We rescue and rehome abused and neglected animals in South Korea, and campaign to end their abuse for any purpose, improve their rights through legislation and education, and encourage veganism as a way of reducing their suffering.
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We Rescue Abused & Abandoned Animals

We rescue more than 1,000 of the 100,000 cats, dogs, horses, cows, deer and other animals that are abused and abandoned every year in South Korea. We are the only non-profit organization in South Korea doing so.

We Adopt Animals into Loving Homes

We promote an ‘Adopt; Don’t Buy’ culture for companion animals in South Korea.

We run an adoption center in Dapshimni, Seoul. The adoption center helps reduce overpopulation and promote the adoption of companion animals.

We Campaign for Animal Rights & Welfare

We campaign against all animal abuse and exploitation, including factory farming, dog meat, vivisection, whaling, and the fur industry.

We lobby the South Korean government for improvements to animal welfare legislation. Our efforts have seen amendments to the South Korean Animal Protection Act, which now includes a clearer definition of what constitutes animal abuse, increased penalties for actions that fall under that definition.

We Educate to Increase Awareness

We hold educational seminars and conferences and conduct regular animal rights and welfare lectures and workshops for our community, and in colleges and high schools across the country.

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About Us

CARE is an animal rights organization with offices in the United States and South Korea.

We rescue, rehabilitate, and re-home abused and neglected animals, campaign for and defend animal rights, fight against the dog meat trade, vivisection, factory farming, and holding animals captive for display and entertainment.