Campaign Creation Guide

Use this guide to create a great campaign that will be approved without delay and that people will want to donate to.

Name & Description

Give your campaign a good title and a brief description explaining what the campaign is for and why you are doing it.

Goal & Length

Set a goal in US dollars and choose a duration for your campaign.

The minimum length is 15 days and the maximum length is 180 days (6 months.)

Categories & Tags

Select a campaign Category into which your campaign best fits. Use Tags to further describe what your campaign is about.

Detailed Description

Provide a more detailed description of your campaign here.

Include details of what it’s for, what you’ll be doing, where you’re doing it, why you’re doing it, and who will benefit.

Featured Image

Upload a high quality featured image in JPG format. We recommend a size and ratio of 1024px by 683px.

Featured Video

Optional: Link or embed a video here to more fully describe your campaign.


Type the name of your city to show us and the world where you are or where your campaign is taking place.

(We really like knowing where in the world our donors and funraisers are!)

Donation Amounts

Your donors or sponsors can donate any amount they like, but you might want to make it easier for them by suggesting some fixed amounts.

If your campaign is longer than a couple of months, you might want to allow monthly donations.

Your Details

Fill out your profile with as much information as you feel comfortable sharing.

Rest assured, CARE will never share your personal information with third parties without your explicit permission.

Short Bio

Tell the world a little about yourself.

This information will appear in your “Campaign Creator” section on your campaign pages.


If you’re campaigning on behalf of an organization, let us know, otherwise, leave this blank.

Profile Photo

Upload a square image of about 200px by 200px.

Preview & Submit

Preview your campaign to make sure it looks OK. Make any adjustments you need, and then Submit it for approval.

Once your campaign has been approved, it will appear in your profile page, and you will be able to see it on our Current Campaigns page. You’ll still be able to edit your campaign afterward, though.

Be aware it may take up to 24 hours for your campaign to be approved.

Things that might prevent your campaign from being approved are

  • Bad English (I’ll correct minor typos and grammatical errors, but I won’t re-write your campaign text!)
  • Inappropriate language or images
  • An unreasonable monetary target for the time allotted
  • An inappropriate activity associated with the campaign

If your campaign is not approved, someone will be in touch explaining why and suggesting ways in which it can be improved.