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A ginger and white cat lying on the floor looking grumpy. - Ppojji Hidden Under Food Waste
Rescue Stories

Hidden Under Food Waste: Ppojji’s Story

A kitten hidden under food waste under the cage went almost unnoticed by our activists who were rescuing two dogs that had been neglected on a dog farm.

Man holding Tina in front of bamboo fence at her new home.
South Korea

Tina Finds New Home in America

Tina waited patiently for 5 months before she was adopted. After a brief reunion with her mom and siblings, she flew to her new home in the US.

Other News
South Korea

Indiscriminate Killing of Wild Boar

News about wild boar has been in the new a lot this year, and the Ministry of Environment and local governments announced that they will control their numbers by mobilizing hundreds of hunters, and paying them, to kill them.

kamdol on the Ground
Animal Abuse

The Story of Kamdol

This is a story of Kamdol and how one horse can inspire change in a nation. In 2014, CARE received a report and video evidence

Animals in Captivity

An Emergency Rescue

CARE made a surprise attack on the scene of dog fighting On January 15, 2017, CARE, a Korean animal rights organization, rescued two fighting dogs

Animal Abuse

What is “Animal Crushing?”

Animal crushing is the act of torturing animals—often small animals such as kittens, puppies, rabbits, and mice, with the videos posted on the Internet.

Abandoned & Stray Animals

Suspect who Abandoned Cat Found

We, CARE, found the suspect who threw out the cat into the garbage with tied legs. We have received a lot of reports that the

Abandoned & Stray Animals

Cat Abandoned in Garbage Bag

At October 16th, one cat was abandoned in the garbage bag with tied legs. The cat was abandoned with food waste so there was a

Abandoned & Stray Animals

Cat with a Broken Leg

One day, when a ‘cat mom’ went out to give food to cats as usual, she saw a new cat eating food in a rush.

Animal Abuse

Animal Abuse in the name of Fixing Handicap

Humans can choose who they want to live with but, animals cannot. Animals only hope that the person is a nice, warm-hearted person. This dog

Animal Abuse

Another Terrible Incident

‘The incident of evil Equus’ represents an animal abuse that hang a dog behind a car or a motorcycle and driving on a road (For

Abandoned & Stray Animals

A Wild Cat Killer

In early April, we exposed a terrible incident. One cat was found by people and transferred urgently to hospital. It was shocked to hear the

South Korea

Dogs not Targets for your Anger

There was a man who was notorious for violence. One day, he bought 3 puppies, and kept them at the foot of a mountain but