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Nepal’s Stylish New Life

Nepal has found a new life living in a hair salon after being abandoned by his family during the 2019 wildfires in Gangwon Province, South Korea.

2 people walking 2 dogs along a track through a forest - 6 Ways to be the Best Dog Parent
Guest Post
Jane Cowan

6 Ways to be the Best Dog Parent

No matter how well prepared you think you are or how much you read, when it comes to being a dog parent there is only so much you can learn without doing. Here are 6 nuggets of wisdom that can improve you and your dog’s life.

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53 Cats Saved From a Cat Factory

News has been blowing up lately about the horror that is dog factories. But have you heard of cat factories? Recently, we caught an illegal

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Animals in Captivity
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40 Dogs Left to Rot in Breeding Center

This February, we received a report of an 80-year-old grandpa who had been keeping around 40 dogs in captivity. We were told that he was

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Desperate Message from Student

CARE received a heart wrenching story in the mail from a man who was taking care of his paralyzed mother. The son, a college student, went on to explain how his mother took in any abandoned or hurt dogs on the street to take care of them as her own, despite their financial situation.

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Animal Abuse
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Help This Collie Couple Regain Their Health

Every day their screams were heard throughout the neighborhood. At the scene of their discovery, the male collie was lying limp due to physical abuse

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Actor Seungsoo Kim Adopts from CARE Korea

Korean Actor Seungsoo Kim felt came to the right place—CARE’s adoption center—when he wanted to adopt a companion for his aging pet.