Miniature (>3Kgs ≦8Kgs)


One beautiful day in May, we received word that there was a dog tied up at the entrance to our Chungju Shelter. Bongsoon was abandoned by her family the previous night.

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When admitted into the adoption center, Aegi wasted no time and dove into the arms of the staff. Aegi loves people and especially loves sitting on laps and being stroked. Aegi reacts right away to her name when called and is always hungry for attention.

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Bobo doesn’t show any defensiveness or act nervously, but he is quite scared of the other dogs. If a bigger dog comes up to him, he runs and hides. He appears to have no problems with people, though!

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Having spent most of his life on a dog farm, Joker is shy around strangers. He needs a family that can show him love and teach him that he no longer needs to be fearful.

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Bona really loves people: she’s always asking to be petted. The way she looks at you will surely make you want to protect her. She has become more at ease while under the care of her foster parents.

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Nepal likes to follow people around. He doesn’t show his affection as physically as other dogs, but he will gaze at you adoringly. When you pet him, his tail wags ever so cheerfully in return.

What Nepal needs now is a loving family to keep him safe and secure for the rest of his life.

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Yibbeun is gradually adjusting to life outside the dog farm, and gets along with her doggie friends very well. She is a very eager and playful dog.

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Jerry is a shy with a serious facial expression, but is charming and good-natured. Whenever he gets scared, Jerry looks for his friends to snuggle with. Once he’s with his friends, he relaxes. Jerry’s life hasn’t been easy; he’ll need time to adjust to a new environment. We want to find a family who can take the time to get to know Jerry and provide the loving home that he deserves.

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Though he pretends to be uninterested when someone approaches, if you offer a hand, he’ll sniff it cautiously. However, he doesn’t deal well with being petted or held without this permission, and may lash out defensively. Without this provocation, though, he is calm and adorable.

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We received a call from a man saying that his friend had suddenly disappeared leaving three dogs and 3 cats at her house. When the

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Eyang was living on the streets with her mother, but the mother disappeared, and assuming she was abandoned, someone took her into his house. However,

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Lauren is one of 100 dogs rescued from an animal hoarder. When she first came to the center, she was very timid and hid from

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