Medium (>16Kgs ≦27Kgs)


Gosoon may seem a bit cold and distant at first, but she is actually a charmer and craving your love and attention, occasionally laying her head on your lap to get some petting.

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Curry takes interest in anyone she meets and is usually the one to greet them first. Like most Jindo dogs, she is cautious of strangers but after some time, she snuggles and enjoys being petted. She also likes to demand snacks and will sit next to you until you give them to her. Curry is fully house-trained and will also go jogging with you.

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A number of dogs, some of them puppies, were living under a bridge in Guri in Gyeonggi Province in South Korea. An old blanket and

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Sogar was one of the 200 dogs that were rescued from the horrific dog farm that we shut down in July of 2018 with the help of violist Richard Yongjae O’Neill.

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Won-soon gets happy at the smallest things. If you look into her face, she wags her tail until her big body shakes along with it, and will lick your hand until you worry her tongue will start to hurt.

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Natasha was rescued from an animal abuser along with her 9 brothers and sisters, and mom Hella. They stayed strong together while they were hurt.

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Although Jumsoon was adored when she was a puppy, her previous owner—who was an alcoholic—started beating her regularly. When she arrived at CARE, she was

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Parang was born to a stray dog who was found roaming around the beach with collar-related neck injuries. Fortunately, all 7 pups in the litter

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