Adoption Process
Our adoption process is very stringent. We want our animals to go to good loving forever-homes.

1. Selection

Choose the animal you’d like to adopt.

Visit the adoption center, or browse the animals awaiting families, to choose a rescue animal you’d like to give a home to.

2. Application

Download the CARE Adoption Application Form.

Complete it, and send it back to us at:

adopt AT careanimalrights DOT org

3. Review

We will review your application, and usually get back to you within seven days.

4. Phone Interview

We will call you to request any extra information needed, and to get to know you a little.

5. In-Person Interview

You must come to the adoption center where the animal you wish to adopt resides. If you are overseas, we will conduct this interview over Skype or Google Hangouts.

6. Final Interview

We will talk to you one last time to clarify anything from the in-person interview.

7. Collection

You will come to collect your new family member, or transportation to your home will be organized.

8. Follow-up

We will contact you to find out how everyone is adjusting to the new situation. We may do this several times over the first year the animal is with you.