Palace was one of the lucky dogs rescued from the one of the most notorious dog farms in Bucheon, which we were able to shut down in September 2017.

Palace has a very attractive face, with a priceless smile that will melt your heart. Each time he smiles, he bathes you with warmth.

He is extremely intelligent; his appearance and actions clearly indicate this.

He is friendly to both animals and humans alike, with no issues whatsoever! He seems bright and cheerful all the time.

The only thing that this perfect dog lacks is a family to take him in and look after him. Is there anyone out there who is willing to keep Palace always smiling?

Please Note

Depending on it breed, size, and environment, the lifespan of a dog may vary from 12 to 16 years. Palace is still growing, so we ask you to consider all these aspects if you wish to adopt him.

Please contact us for more details, or start the adoption application process below.

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