In May last year, we were informed that a number of cats had been abandoned in a deserted house in Heukseok-dong, Seoul. The tenant hadn’t paid the rent for over 6 months and couldn’t be contacted. The house owner reported this to the police, and found the house full of cats, with mold, feces and the corpses of cats everywhere.

When we arrived, the place was in an appalling state. The feces covered everything, and had hardened. We also found a mother cat nursing and protecting her tiny newborn offspring that hadn’t even opened their eyes yet. Both mother and kittens were almost starved and were in a very fragile condition.

The cats had been able to get in and out through a broken window. We weren’t able to determine which of the cats were originally house cats and which were strays who had come in off the street.

It took 4 days to rescue all of the 18 cats that were left in the deserted house.

Mochi’s physical state was reflective of the tough lifestyle he’d lived on the streets. He was emaciated and had a section of his left ear missing. He had a skin condition and was weak due to untreated bronchitis and pneumonia. However, he has rallied at the adoption centre, and continues to improve.

Mochi was stressed during the move from the vet to the adoption centre. In the beginning, he didn’t eat his kibble and started at any sudden movement, hiding himself in a corner. He relaxed as time passed and is now comfortable with the staff and volunteers.

Though he pretends to be uninterested when someone approaches, if you offer a hand, he’ll sniff it cautiously. However, he doesn’t deal well with being petted or held without this permission, and may lash out defensively. Without this provocation, though, he is calm and adorable.

Special Needs

Mochi has coronavirus—common among stray cats—which will require further treatment.

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