When South Korea declared a state of national emergency following the massive wildfires on the eastern coast of Gangwon Province, our rescue team arrived at the scene to assess the damage.

The impact of the fire was horrendous. Immediate action had to be taken to identify and rescue the animals in need of the most urgent care. The animals were in serious condition, covered with severe burns and unable to breathe properly.

Dogs with families were transported for urgent care, and dogs in need of prompt medical treatment, whose families could not be identified immediately, were later reunited with them with the help of social media. We also reported a small list of dogs without families to the municipality for appropriate rescue procedures.

Gosoon is one of the lucky souls saved from the disaster. Having lost her home to the fire, Gosoon’s family could no longer take care of her and decided to put her up for adoption with a family better able to take care of her.

Due to Gosoon’s critical condition, she was immediately transferred to a vet, where she was diagnosed with heartworms, burns, and severe pneumonia. Despite the severity of her pneumonia, Gosoon has recovered and is doing well.

Gosoon may seem a bit cold and distant at first, but she is actually a charmer and craving your love and attention, occasionally laying her head on your lap to get some petting.


Depending on the breed, the size, and its environment, the lifespan of a dog may vary from 12 to 16 years. Please consider this if you are thinking of adopting.

Please contact our Adoption Center for more details, or start the adoption application process below.

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