Curry was discovered hiding in fear under a median strip. The police had been called to capture the dog, but it wasn’t easy. One of the rescue team decided to lowered himself down and carefully approached the dog. She crawled in his arms shaking.

The rescue team named the dog Curry, because they were on their way to get some vegan curry when they were called.

We placed flyers to try to find Curry’s owner, but no one came to claim her.

Curry had a slight cough and was breathing heavily. On examination, she was found to have a high liver somatic index, a cyst on her ovary, pneumonia, and Heartworms. She had the cyst removed and was spayed at the same time, and started treatment for the Heartworms. Her age was estimated to be around 7 to 8 years old.

Curry is now fully recovered.

At first, Curry was scared of her new surroundings but she was very well-mannered while in the car. She also got flustered if a hand or other object passed over her head, but she has adjusted well and gets along with the people around her. She will wander around to investigate everything going on around her, but she falls asleep like a puppy soon after.

Curry takes interest in anyone she meets and is usually the one to greet them first. Like most Jindo dogs, she is cautious of strangers but after some time, she snuggles and enjoys being petted. She also likes to demand snacks from staff and will sit next to them until they give them to her.

Curry is fully house-trained and will also go jogging with you.

Please Note

Depending on the breed, the size, and its environment the lifespan of a dog may vary from 12 to 16 years. We ask you to consider this if you wish to adopt her.

Please contact our Adoption Center for more details, or start the adoption application process below.

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