On March 21st, we received a report that two dogs were roaming around an apartment complex. We were told the two dogs seemed to be very friendly towards humans to the point of following any pedestrians around, and innocently playing in the road where they could be hit by a car.

Bobo had a wound on his stomach, so we took both dogs to the vet.

When Bobo was admitted to the Adoption Center, he seemed to be bewildered by his new surroundings. He seemed much more of an introvert than we thought he would be, so we expected it would take time for him to adjust. However, in a short time, he started starting cuddling up the staff and showing affection.

He doesn’t show any defensiveness or act nervously, but he is quite scared of the other dogs. If a bigger dog comes up to him, he runs and hides. He only seems to get along well with Aegi, the dog he was rescued with. He appears to have no problems with people, though!

Bobo is very healthy, with a slightly larger head than normal, but this only adds to his charm!

Come and meet Bobo and see if you’re the family that can give him the love he deserves.

Please Note

Depending on the breed, the size, and its environment the lifespan of a dog may vary from 12 to 16 years. Please consider this if you are thinking of adopting.

Please contact our Adoption Center for more details, or start the adoption application process below.

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