On March 21st, we received a report that two dogs were roaming around an apartment complex. We were told the two dogs seemed to be very friendly towards humans to the point of following any pedestrians around, and innocently playing in the road where they could be hit by a car.

When examined by a vet, Aegi was found to be in a very healthy condition thankfully, and is doing very well at the adoption center.

When admitted into the adoption center, Aegi wasted no time and dove into the arms of the staff. Aegi loves people and especially loves sitting on laps and being stroked. Aegi reacts right away to her name when called and is always hungry for attention.

Although Bobo is Aegi’s best friend, she loves sitting on people’s lap so much that she never gives up her space for him.

But she loves going on walks with him. Being the best of friends, the pair share a leash and love to get mischievous.

Are you the family that Aegi longs for?

Please Note

Depending on the breed, the size, and its environment, the lifespan of a dog may vary from 12 to 16 years. Please consider this if you are thinking of adopting.

Please contact our Adoption Center for more details, or start the adoption application process below.

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