We rescue more than 1,000 of the 100,000 cats, dogs, horses, cows, deer and other animals that are abused and abandoned every year in South Korea.

Highest Ever Fine for Animal Abuse in Korea

In October 2017, we received a report that a PC room (A PC room is like an Internet cafe, but without the cafe.) owner was repeatedly abusing a kitten. In the video we were sent, the kitten was beaten, hit with objects, and even trampled.

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Dogs are Not your Property

In Singil-dong, Seoul, there was a man who purchased unsold dogs from the dog auction and resold them. We could immediately recognize the house because of the obnoxious smell that filled the street.

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Fly Away, Little Bird

A baby bird was lying on the side of the road. It was the middle of August and raining heavily. CARE staff didn’t know what had happened, but the bird was not moving; its wings were drooping, and it was blinking its eyes weakly.

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Bailey; Rescued by an Elementary School Student

“The kitten seems to have lost its mother.” The elementary school student looked at the kitten with deep concern. He couldn’t bring the kitten into his house without his mother’s permission, but he couldn’t leave him behind either.

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When you Must Leave them Behind

A woman was occasionally dropping by her aged aunt’s house to check up on her and her two dogs. However, she’d had no contact with her aunt for several weeks, and felt something was wrong.

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Half a Rescue is Better than None

On a day of heavy rain about three years ago, our informant was passing an area with many large warehouses, and found a mother dog and six puppies crouching under the eaves of a warehouse. The mother dog was staring at the informant with caution and was very skinny and looked exhausted as she continued to breastfeed the puppies.

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Ignorance; it’s the Animals that Suffer

A dog and two cats, each tied to a short leash in front of the entrance to a temple in Ganghwa-do, an island just off the northwest coast of South Korea, were left to suffer the excessive heat without clean water and access to food.

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Ato; Abused as Revenge for Break-up

A video file came from nowhere. To her surprise, it was her former boyfriend—with whom she used to live—in the video. In it, she was horrified by the threat that he would kill her dog, Ato, if she didn’t come back to him.

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Shutting Down the Last Dog Meat Farm in Bucheon

On Friday September 15th, we determined to decommission the dog farm, decided to rescue every dog in it, and got a written statement from the owner never to operate the farm again. CARE activists and volunteers, embarked on the rescue.

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Beckham; Bound to Carriage on Muchangpo Beach

A man cracks a whip over the poor black horse, forcing it to pull a heavy steel tourist carriage along the road near Muchangpo Beach, a famous tourist spot. As the horse pulls however, we can see that it is limping, clearly favoring one leg. There is a lump under its right elbow joint. The loud music blocks the moans the horse makes to advertise its pain. The horse slows a little and the man cracks the whip again.

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