We rescue more than 1,000 of the 100,000 cats, dogs, horses, cows, deer and other animals that are abused and abandoned every year in South Korea.

Cheonan Dog Slaughterhouse Update

On July 21st, CARE investigated a slaughterhouse in Cheonan City where dogs were hung by the neck and burned alive. Following this, we sued the slaughterer and requested emergency measures be taken to protect the remaining dogs by the city of Cheonan.

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Investigation and Rescue in Cheonan

We received a report about a dog slaughterhouse and dog farm in Cheonan, a city about one and a half hours south of Seoul, at which the owner of the slaughterhouse killed the dogs in an especially brutal way. What we encountered when we arrived was horrific even for experienced investigators.

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Bagel & Pretzel Rescued from a Closed Dog Farm

The two have regained their health, and with the help of the adoption center’s volunteers and staff, now socialize well with other dogs and approach people without fear. Pretzel will rub herself against anyone who comes to sit next to her. Bagel never stops moving. Both have changed 180 degrees since they were rescued.

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Stay Strong, Otu

In the ruins of the Gangwon Province forest fire near Gangneung—a town on the northeast coast of South Korea—we found a mixed breed dog. Not knowing what she was called, we named her “Otu.”

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Reimbursement of Donations: Save the Cow

The pregnant cow who escaped the disastrous forest fire in Gangwon Province, died on April 9th, at approximately 10 a.m. On April 22nd, she was to have been taken to the Space SEON sanctuary in North Chungcheong Province to receive intensive treatment and care, and was expected live happily for the rest of her days. However, just before CARE staff arrived to make the last preparations, we were told that she had drawn her last breath.

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Run and Save Yourselves!

When the fire broke out and everyone had to evacuate, an elderly lady delayed to cut loose her two dogs. While her house was burning down around her, she freed her pregnant dog, Gamja, and started cutting loose her other dog, Bada, who was barking loudly. However, overcome with exhaustion, she fell and wasn’t able to get back up. Her two dogs didn’t leave her side.

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Emergency Rescue of Remaining Dogs from Beolgyo Dog Farm

At the request of DoVE Project, an American organization that also campaigns for the end of dog meat and tries to find them homes in the US, CARE rescued 18 dogs from a dog farm in Beolgyo in South Jeolla Province in the early hours of Wednesday 27th of February.

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