We rescue more than 1,000 of the 100,000 cats, dogs, horses, cows, deer and other animals that are abused and abandoned every year in South Korea.

Why We Can Never Give Up

On November 2nd, we rescued a mother dog trembling with fear as she dug a hole in the ground to hide and protect her pups. At the time, a video of this dog, trying desperately to hide her pups though she herself was tied to a post, went viral and many people asked for our help.

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Beach Bum Jindo Finally Rescued

We received a call that a white Jindo dog was roaming around Eurwangni Beach in Incheon, wearing a collar that was so tight that it was cutting into its neck causing the flesh to rot.

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We Wish There Were No Abused Animals

We were sent a video on October 15th. In the video, a man approached a dog tied to a post and kicked its jaw. The dog shrank from the man’s kicks and another dog, shut in an off-ground cage opposite, was showing signs of stress.

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Water Deer Suffocated in Floodgate

We received a call about a deer that had its head trapped in an irrigation floodgate for many hours. Nobody had come to help because Water deer are listed as vermin despite being listed as Vulnerable by the IUCN.

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Sooki’s Fireproof Will to Live

In May, Sooki was adopted by one of our long-term supporters. Her new family had been following her rescue story on social media and felt sympathy for this courageous little survivor. Aware of the unpopularity of larger dogs in South Korea, they wanted to rehome at least one more large dog to a warm, familial environment.

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Won-sun Finds her Forever Family

From experience, we knew that it would be very hard to find a family willing to adopt Won-sun over other healthy dogs in light of her ongoing special care needs. We decided to take permanent care of Won-sun for the rest of her life.

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One More Week to Live

For one more week, Cheonan City has decided to continue providing shelter for the dogs that were rescued from the brutal Cheonan slaughterhouse.

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