Our campaigns have resulted in improvements to animal protection legislation in South Korea.

Stop the Killing

On the 11th of August, we held a “STOP! THE KILLING” performance event in Seoul Plaza in front of Seoul City Hall. It was the last of our Bok Nal (the three hottest days of summer) campaign events, the 11th of August being the last of the hottest summer days (called “mal bok” in Korean) in 2017.

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Tongki Wants a Better Life

A polar bear jumped into the Han River at Yeouinaru, Seoul, on July 28th, 2017. It was a performance to highlight the suffering of Tongki, a polar bear who was born in captivity and has lived in a small enclosure in the zoo at Everland for over 20 years.

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A Third Legal Status for Animals

In early May 2005, Hae-tal became a member of Hansun Seo’s family. However, in the late evening of February 21st 2015, Hae-tal was savagely beaten by a neighbor for no discernible reason. He died shortly after.

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Living Side-by-side with Feral Dogs

There were some feral dogs in a village in Nokbun-dong, near Bukhan Mountain in Seoul,  living peacefully without hurting anyone; animals or people. They were co-existing with the villagers, with some providing food and water. Some residents even regarded them as protecting the village from wild boar.

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