Our campaigns have resulted in improvements to animal protection legislation in South Korea.

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As well as donating, volunteering at events, translating, and spreading our message on social media, there is another way you can help us in our mission to improve animal rights and welfare in South Korea.

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Support the Farm Bill Denham Amendment

The US Senate and House of Representatives will vote on the Agriculture and Nutrition Act of 2018, commonly known as the Farm Bill. A proposed amendment by Rep. Jeff Denham (R-CA 10th District) would make the slaughter and transport of dog and cat meat illegal in the US. Help us to get this included in the Bill by signing the petition.

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South Korean Constitutional Amendments to Include Animal Rights

On March 20th, the Blue House Secretary for Civil Affairs, Cho Kuk, announced a detailed briefing of the constitutional amendment bill in which President Jae-in Moon expands basic rights and strengthen the power of the people. The amendment bill includes a clause that gives provision to establish a policy for the protection of animal rights.

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Ignorance; the Suffering Continues

In the heat of early August at the start of summer, we received numerous reports and photos of animals in distress. The place was a museum called Dalasil in Chuncheon, a city about one and a half hours drive north-west of Seoul. We went to investigate.

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Untreated Food Waste Given to Dogs

We urge MAFRA to stop classifying animals as only for commercial use, and acting only in the interests of the livestock industry and farmers, and to genuinely seek to insure that the food produced by Korea’s farmers is healthy and free from contamination.

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Continuing the Campaign for Dog Meat Free Seoul

There are innumerable dog meat restaurants in Seoul despite the 1984 Seoul Metropolitan Government’s classification of dog meat as a food not suitable for human consumption. As of October 26th, 2017, Kyungdong, Jung-ang, and Moran markets in Seoul still illegally slaughter dogs and sell dog meat.

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Japan Must Stop Cruel Dolphin Massacre

On September 9th, the cove of Taiji, Wakayama Prefecture, Japan, turned bright red as a pod of 21 young short-finned pilot whales was slaughtered while 3 others were captured to face a life of imprisonment. Despite growing international condemnation, Japan carried out its annual dolphin slaughter.

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Everland Refuse to Talk about Tongki

Since we reported in July that Tongki, the last polar bear held captive in South Korea, was suffering in the scorching summer heat and left alone without even water, we have sent letters and called Everland asking to have a conversation about his situation.

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