Adoption helps to reduce shelter overpopulation and bring an end to puppy mills and pet shops.

Boy and dog on stairs

Snoopy’s Adoption Story from the Netherlands

This December 2nd marks the 4th year of Snoopy’s arrival into our family in the Netherlands. A lot has happened throughout the past 4 years, but all in all, Snoopy and our family have been getting along very well. I hope my follow-up will help those who are planning on adopting.

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Tori’s State Visit to CARE

Have you been wondering what’s going on with Tori? On March 6th, he made a state visit to the CARE office. The visit was scheduled as part of our adoption follow-up process to check how Tori has been doing at the Blue House.

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Kodol-yi; Rescued from Moran Market Adopted

Almost immediately after he recovered and was transferred to our adoption center in Dapshimni, he found his new family. It often takes much longer to get adopted, but perhaps it was the fact that he was a puppy that melted the adopter’s heart.

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Roscoe; Dog Meat Farm Rescue Adopted by Daniel Henney

Our ongoing “Dog Meat Free Korea” campaign is supported by lots of people and organizations. Kevin Bright, American television producer, and the DoVE Project (Dogs of Violence Exposed), an American organization focused on ending the dog meat trade in Asia, are two of them.

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President Jae In Moon to Adopt Dog from CARE

During his campaign, South Korea’s 19th president, Jae-in Moon, promised to adopt a dog from CARE as First Dog, the official companion dog of the First Family. Animal rights groups, animal lovers, and the Hankyoreh newspaper are demanding that he make good on this most easily-kept promise.

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