Adoption helps to reduce shelter overpopulation and bring an end to puppy mills and pet shops.

Joshua, Left Tied to a Toilet

We received an urgent call from one of our volunteers that a dog was in need of an immediate rescue. The dog was Joshua. He was tied up next to a toilet in the middle of an alley.

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Rescued from Cheonan Slaughterhouse – Barrett’s Story

Barrett was rescued from the Cheonan slaughterhouse where dogs had been hanged and burned alive for 20 years. When we first discovered Barrett, he was in a cage covered in his own waste with lesions on his legs which exposed the bone. He was immediately taken in for surgery, as his leg could no longer support him.

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Yoontaek; from Nomad to Bubbly Buddy

We shared Yoontaek’s story on social media and were fortunate to find a new family to welcome him. His new adoptive parent had had two animals – 14 and 18 years old – that were unfortunately no longer around.

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New Family Net Gain for Yangpa

Yangpa was one of the dogs we rescued from the dog farm in Beolgyo, Jeonnam City, in February 2018. After waiting more than a year, Yangpa was adopted by a family in Las Vegas, USA.

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Ball; Rescued from Being Eaten

Pedigree dog breeds have been very popular and in high demand in South Korea. Whenever the media features dogs of certain breeds with their happy owners, that particular breed soon becomes trendy. Ball, a Golden Retriever, was one of those dogs.

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Jelly’s 3,000 League Journey to Find Her Mother

Jelly is one of the dogs rescued from the wildfires in Gangwon Province in 2018. She, along with her mother Clara, was found unconscious on the ground. Having lost their home to the fire, Jelly’s family could no longer take care of the two dogs and decided to give them up for adoption.

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Sooki’s Fireproof Will to Live

In May, Sooki was adopted by one of our long-term supporters. Her new family had been following her rescue story on social media and felt sympathy for this courageous little survivor. Aware of the unpopularity of larger dogs in South Korea, they wanted to rehome at least one more large dog to a warm, familial environment.

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Won-sun Finds her Forever Family

From experience, we knew that it would be very hard to find a family willing to adopt Won-sun over other healthy dogs in light of her ongoing special care needs. We decided to take permanent care of Won-sun for the rest of her life.

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