Adoption helps to reduce shelter overpopulation and bring an end to puppy mills and pet shops.

Pumba’s New Found Life!

Pumba was rescued from a dog farm in Bulgyeo, Boseong-gun in South Jeolla Province. He now lives a new kind of life, with a prairie with a spacious oceanic background as his playground.

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Jiggy is No Longer Afraid

Jiggy now has a new forever home with a family that can help him forget the fear of the slaughterhouse. Please wish Jiggy all the happiness that he deserves.

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9 Dogs in a Tiny Cage – Foby’s Story

In October 2018, we went to a slaughterhouse in Seongnam City that was notorious for its ill treatment of dogs. Of the 9 dogs rescued, Foby was the first to board a plane and fly to Los Angeles, California to meet her new adoptive parents.

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White, Another of Clara’s Pups Adopted

We are delighted to tell you that another of Clara’s puppies, White, has found a new adoptive family. White, or “Lucy” as she has been renamed, will be living with a family of an Air Force veteran, a firefighter, and two children.

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Joshua, Left Tied to a Toilet

We received an urgent call from one of our volunteers that a dog was in need of an immediate rescue. The dog was Joshua. He was tied up next to a toilet in the middle of an alley.

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Rescued from Cheonan Slaughterhouse – Barrett’s Story

Barrett was rescued from the Cheonan slaughterhouse where dogs had been hanged and burned alive for 20 years. When we first discovered Barrett, he was in a cage covered in his own waste with lesions on his legs which exposed the bone. He was immediately taken in for surgery, as his leg could no longer support him.

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Yoontaek; from Nomad to Bubbly Buddy

We shared Yoontaek’s story on social media and were fortunate to find a new family to welcome him. His new adoptive parent had had two animals – 14 and 18 years old – that were unfortunately no longer around.

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