Dogs Sold for Slaughter by Vet: Senna’s Story

Dogs Sold for Slaughter by Vet: Senna’s Story

The bed of a pickup truck was filled with dogs squeezed into a wire mesh cage. The owner of the pickup was bringing the dogs out of a building and throwing them onto its bed. The man was a dog merchant, and he was removing the dogs from a veterinarian hospital. 

Sold for Slaughter

In March 2018, we received news that dogs were being sold for slaughter by a veterinarian in Gwangyang City in South Jeolla Province.

Dogs Sold for Slaughter by Vet: Senna’s Story

The informant, who had filmed the entire scene, protested to the vet, but the vet gave an appalling answer:

“Nobody came to claim these dogs in time. They were going to be euthanized anyway, so I’ve been selling them to a dog farm. What difference does it make?”

Senna was one of the dogs at the hospital we rescued before they could be sold for slaughter to a dog farm.

At the time, Senna was a puppy who was scared of people, but under our care, she slowly opened up and started trusting. When we closed our Dapsimni adoption center in September 2019, Senna’s godparents decided to foster her.

In February 2020, Senna flew to Los Angeles and stayed at another foster home until her adoption was confirmed. Recently, she joined her mother and friends at her forever home.

No “Livestock Dogs”

South Korea is led by politicians with unprogressive ideologies, and who still believe that some dogs are livestock and others are pets. There is no ethical or logical standard for designating certain dogs as “livestock” and others as “pets,” and therefore no reason to believe this.

All dogs deserve to be treated fairly and equally. They all deserve the love and security of a loving home, just like Senna. She loves to go on walks, eats when she’s hungry, drinks when she’s thirsty, wants care and attention, just like all dogs.

There is no such thing as a “livestock dog.”

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