Obiwan Finds his Forever Home – This is the Family you’re Looking for

Obiwan Finds his Forever Home

Neumreum was rescued in February last year from a dog farm based in Beolgyo, South Jeolla Province, South Korea. The tools used for slaughtering dogs were lying around, and dead bodies of dogs filled the nearby kimchi refrigerator.

Obiwan Finds his Forever Home

If we had arrived a little later, Neumreum and the other surviving dogs might have met a different fate.

Obiwan Finds his Forever Home

Neumreum stayed at our shelter after he was rescued. We desperately wanted to find him a forever home quickly, but there wer just so many other dogs waiting to be adopted.

Eventually, we were contacted by a Portuguese lady who was living in Korea. We introduced Neumreum when she visited us at our office. She agreed to adopt him and give him a forever home and a new family and renamed him Obiwan.

It would be wonderful if we could find a new family and forever home for every dog we rescue from a dog farm, but we are grateful to every one that adopts a rescue dog from us.

We would like to thank Obiwan’s new mom and wish them both very happy lives together.

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