Sick Dogs Neglected at Dairy Farm

Sick Dogs Neglected at Dairy Farm - 01

At a dairy farm, there were piles of manure, and next to those piles were neglected dogs tied to ropes no longer than 1 meter (~3.3 ft.)

They had been left neglected with no roof over their heads, inadequate space to lie down, nor proper food and water. Food waste and dust littered the ground. Some of the dogs had eyes bulging with infections.

The dairy farm was run by an elderly couple who only used the dogs as guard dogs. They were  poorly taken care of, and due to being severe neglected, they had been exposed to all sorts of diseases. It was also clear that some had been sold to slaughterhouses.

With our continuing lack of shelter space from our focus on slaughterhouse rescues, we can’t rescue every dog from this kind of environment. But, we couldn’t turn our backs on these animals in desperate need of help. 

The informants who were familiar with the community requested that we push for the farm owners to forfeit the dogs, as they felt that even local government-run shelters would be more suitable than the dairy farm for the dogs to stay at.

We were able to persuade the farm owners to forfeit the dogs. 

The informants rescued a dog with an injured eye and a puppy, and asked us to rescue the remaining dogs. We transferred a mother and her puppies to the hospital. Next, we got in contact with the municipality to relocate the remaining 13 dogs to their local shelter.

If you can help us treat and look after these dogs, and the many others we have in our care, please consider becoming a regular supporter of our mission. With your help, we can put an end to the thoughtless neglect, mistreatment, and suffering of countless animals in South Korea.

We need you!

We rely entirely on people like you. Help us rescue more animals in need by becoming a regular donor.​

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  1. Hilft bitte weiter . Ich habe kein Geld zum spenden . Aber alles was Tiere angeht teile ich u unterschreibe ich . Für die Tiere . Liebe grüße Jutta aus Deutschland .

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