Otu, Saved from the Flames

Otu, Saved from the Flames - 10

In the forest fires in Gangwon Province in 2019, many animals were abandoned—forgotten and left tied up—by their families who fled the devastation with no thought for the pets they were supposed to be caring for.

Many of these abandoned pets died in the flames and smoke, unable to break their chains to flee.

Some, like Otu, were saved just in time before being burned alive. 

When our staff and volunteers found Otu, she was in a horrific state. On examination at the vet’s, we discovered that her whole body was burned very badly, her thighs were broken, and she had corneal damage.

It was unsure whether she would survive even after treatment, but Otu had a strong will to live and started to recover. 

This year, after our supporters helped raise over 700,000 KRW for her plane ticket, she was united with her new family in Toronto, Canada. 

We hope that Otu can forget the pain she has suffered, and lives a full and happy life with her new adopted family.

We sincerely thank everyone who helped Otu recover and fly to Canada. We couldn’t have done it without you.

We need you!

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  1. The two girls rescue a dog (what is commendable), but they wear a dead coyote on their jackets??? I don’t undertand this.

      1. The two girls adopt a dog – what is commendable – but they wear a dead coyote on their jackets. This is speciesism. Coyotes are creatures, too.

      2. With respect, you know nothing about these two people. Adopting a dog may only be their first step on the journey to a fuller understanding of the impact of their purchasing choices on the other species with which we share this planet. Let’s applaud their saving of a life and lead them on their journey by example instead of criticising.

  2. Macht bitte so weiter seit für die Tiere da . Jedes Leben zählt . Auch wenn man leider nicht alle Retten kann . Traurig einfach . Liebe grüße Jutta aus Deutschland .

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