Rescued from Chronic Abuse – Kangi’s Story

Rescued from Chronic Abuse - Kangi's Story - 2

Chronic Abuse

In October of 2019, we received a video of a man approaching a dog and kicking it hard in the face numerous times. The dog cowered, and another dog that was watching from inside a cage nearby, also seemed petrified. Clearly, they had both suffered from this man’s chronic abuse for a long time.

Rescued from Chronic Abuse - Kangi's Story - 4

We hurried to the scene with a government official and a police officer, and secured the release of the two dogs, which we named Kangi and Hongi.

Since their rescue, many people have wanted to know what had happened to them. We wanted to update you as soon as we could but the Dove Project, with whom we work, doesn’t allow dogs to be adopted by just anyone. They have a very strict adoption process that takes up quite a bit of time.

New Life

With the help from the Dove Project and many others, Kangi was able to meet his new family. He no longer has to be afraid of humans or put up with any kind of abuse.

We sued the man for violating the Animal Protection Act, but the prosecutors wrapped up the case by giving him a suspended sentence. We’re sorry we can’t bring you better news.

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