It’s very difficult for dogs to be adopted in South Korea. They have to compete with the small, cute puppies on display in pet shop windows and these abandoned dogs can languish in shelters waiting for families for years.

Adopt, don’t buy” we say again and again, but mostly to little avail.

Noru is an older dog. We estimate her to be around 7 years old, but we are not certain of her age—like many of the dogs we take in. She’s dear to us, as they all are.

Even though the chances of Noru getting adopted were slim, we believed there was still hope for her.

Noru finally found a new family, and they came a long way to pick her up to take her back to her new home.

Every Dog Deserves to be Loved

We work hard to get our dogs adopted, and overseas adoptions require more time and resources than domestic ones.

But, it’s rewarding when dogs like Noru find their forever family, and begin a new happy life, either in Korea or overseas.

We need you!

We rely entirely on people like you. Help us get more animals adopted by becoming a regular donor.​

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