Abandoned in a Cage – Light’s Story

Abandoned in a Cage - Light’s Story

In the summer of 2018, we got a phone call from someone related to the Dog Meat Traders Organization at Moran Market. According to the informant, dogs had been abandoned in a cage—an off-ground raised metal cage commonly used in dog meat farms—and had been neglected for months in a wild mountainous area near the market.

We went to the site and found that dogs were indeed shut up in a tiny cage, unable to move.

The whole area reeked of rotted food and feces, and the heat had taken all the energy out of the dogs. We demanded that the owner give up his ownership rights, and we rescued them.

Light was one of the dogs rescued. He was taken to our shelter along with the others, and once he had been examined and declared fit, he went to one of our foster care homes, before being sent to his forever home in Los Angeles.

We are always working towards a world where it is no longer acceptable for animals to be abused and abandoned by shutting them up in filthy cages, feeding them food waste, and doing barbaric things to them for profit.

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