In December of 2018, we received a phone call.

“Could you provide some dog kennels? It’s getting so cold.”

We found numerous dogs shivering in the cold, under a bridge in Galmaedong, Guri, South Korea. A ripped sheet and a few bowls were on the ground, and white Jindo puppies were licking bones with no meat.

The owner of the dogs was an elderly lady who took in and cared for stray dogs. The dogs grew in number and she was no longer capable of keeping them under control. She had a hard time getting by. The lady asked us if we could help her by providing some dog kennels. We couldn’t refuse her plea.

We took covers and dog food before rescuing the dogs. One of the rescued dogs was Ruki.

Ruki grew up to be a big dog, but he was still as innocent as a puppy. His weight and size almost got in the way of him being adopted.

He was scheduled for overseas adoption but due to his weight, he wasn’t able to board the plane. We couldn’t let this opportunity go, so we put him under a strict diet for a week.

The result was a success. Ruki got on the plane and flew into the arms of his new family.

Many people ask us how we spend our donations. It upsets us when we’re asked such questions but we are not ashamed to say that we use the donations to rescue, treat, and protect animals until they meet their new families.

Please consider becoming a regular donor to help us in our mission to save and rehome more animals in need.

We need you!

We rely entirely on people like you. Help us get more animals adopted by becoming a regular donor.​

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