The Solution is Simple: Dogs Are Not Livestock

Dogs Are Not Livestock
Dogs are not livestock and we urge South Korea's President Moon to keep his promise to remove dogs from the category of livestock in animal husbandry related laws.

Dogs are not livestock and we urge the president of South Korea to remove them from the list of approved livestock!

Are Dogs Livestock? Confusing Regulations

While South Korean animal husbandry laws categorized dogs as livestock in 1973, to the contrary, there are also clear indications in laws regarding animal husbandry that dogs are not industrial livestock.

In 1973, when such enforcement regulations were created, the concept of a “pet” was still in its infancy in South Korea, and dogs and “farmed cats” were included in a list of livestock while defining the term, “livestock.”

In 1977, “farmed cats” were excluded from this list, for cats were deemed impossible to farm-raise en masse, and there hadn’t been any known cases of industrialization of cat farming.

Nevertheless, dogs are still included in the list of livestock. At the same time, they are exempt from all laws regarding animal husbandry, further complicating the matter.

Firstly, this means that dogs are exempt from livestock industry registration requirements.

Secondly, dog farms are not registered under livestock industry requirements. Under the South Korean animal protection laws, certain industries are categorized, for example the breeding and sale of pets, whereas the status of dog farming remains ambiguous. As a result, there are no means to process approval for dog farms to operate commercially.

Thirdly, according to the Sanitary Processing of Livestock Products Act, dogs are not livestock. Consequently, dog meat production is not regulated under this law. Article 2 states,

“Animals defined as ‘livestock’ are cows, horses, sheep, pigs, chicken, ducks, and ‘other animals appointed by presidential decree.”

Thus, there is no explicit inclusion of dogs in this category. In other words, the presidential decree never approved of including dogs in the category of livestock.

Why Dogs are NOT livestock

However, cultural norms about how dogs and cats are regarded have shifted significantly since 1973 when they were categorized as livestock.

There are over 10 million animals raised as pets in South Korea, supporting the stance that dogs are pets, not livestock. Dogs are generally regarded as family members globally, which is what the South Korean president should also realize and acknowledge.

President Moon has the power to exclude dogs from the category of livestock

Effective January 1st, 2020, South Korean animal husbandry laws have shifted the delegation of power in terms of defining “livestock” from what used to be a ministerial ordinance of the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (MAFRA) to a presidential decree and enforcement ordinance.

Now, with defining the term “livestock” under presidential jurisdiction, President Moon and the relevant authorities must become more active in clarifying dogs’ ambiguous place in animal husbandry laws.

According to statements in the Sanitary Processing of Livestock Products Act and animal husbandry laws, there is nothing that prohibits the definitive exclusion of dogs from the list of animals defined as “livestock.” Not only will this take South Korea a step closer in eliminating cruel breeding, farming, and slaughtering practices, but it will also prevent ideological conflicts and further complications arising from the split stances regarding the dog meat trade. Moreover, this will liberate South Korea from international condemnations and its marred image as a dog-meat-eating nation.

In August 2018, the push to ban dog meat was more fervent than ever. A national petition calling for the removal of dogs from the category of livestock, and a petition by Assemblyman Changwon Pyo to ban the slaughter of animals lacking legal basis, had each achieved over 200,000 signatures. However, The Blue House (the official residence of the President of South Korea, and the home of the executive office) has been avoiding giving clear answers to eradicating the slaughter of dogs. Instead, it has enthusiastically promised to “review all regulations regarding animal husbandry laws that require modification to clearly redefine ‘livestock’ and exclude dogs from this list amidst the growing societal interest in animal welfare.”

We cannot but express our disappointment in President Moon and the government for ignoring one of the two bills proposed to the National Assembly, despite over 200,000 signatures garnered petitioning for the liberation of South Korean dogs suffering in the inhumane dog meat trade. Their deliberate silence in relation to this bill is a de facto response that the government is unwilling to ban the farming and slaughter of dogs.

We would like to bring to attention that it is time to at least keep his promise regarding the other bill, which was perhaps easier to agree to.

Keeping in mind that the presidential pets, Tori and Jjingjjing Moon, are not livestock, President Moon must acknowledge and adjust to the changing currents of South Korean society and keep his promise to the owners of the over 10 million pets in South Korea! It is also what South Korean pet owners and animal rights activists emphasize as an obvious duty of a president!

Dogs absolutely must be removed from the definition of livestock!

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15 Responses

  1. President Moon,

    Change the laws for all domestic animals in your country. Sign it into law that dogs and cats are no longer livestock. The world is watching you. This could affect your commerce.

  2. This is Barbaric cruelty ..No Animal should be allowed to suffer like these poor Animals it is PURE EVIL

  3. After China causing the virus and spreading it around the world killing people, you would think you people would STOP the evil cruelty you do to animals before you eat them. We are civilised respectful people , why can’t you be. Why are you so wicked ? Why torture animals ? Why ??

  4. Please stop ! This is horrível ! Dogs are meant as family and companions. You have to be blind, deaf, numb to emotions to believe that dogs are livestock…They are our best friends… Please stop!

  5. President Moon is a heartless person!! I have zero respect for this so called county. There is no reason that anyone should ever abuse an animal like this. It’s evil!! Watching and hearing an animal scream in pain like this. How sick and twisted are these people? Don’t they have any kind of feelings? Obviously not so they deserve what get and if it’s a disease that is hurting them then so be it!!! Karma will pay them back for the way they are treating these animals and I have no sympathy for the people are doing this

    1. Der Zorn Gottes komme mit aller Macht über alle Tier-Mörder und Kinderschänder auf diesem Planeten und tilge sie für alle Zeiten aus der Schöpfung AMEN 777

  6. The truth is that the cat and dog meat trade has no place in the modern world, no place in forward looking countries.

    Every single year, an estimated 30 million sweet, innocent, loyal, trusting dogs and many cats worldwide are savagely butchered, to be consumed by the human species – by people who are not poor; nor hungry.

    Sadly, mans best friend – who would lay down its life for any human; pays the price.

    Every 13 seconds in Asia alone, a dog; or cat — is tortured in unimaginable ways then slaughtered. It is a multi-billion dollar, black market business – involving criminal activity: traders stealing pets plus profits made shipping them illegally from country to country.

    This cruel practice is neither culture nor tradition‼️‼️‼️‼️

    Dogs (many stolen pets) are fully alive while bludgeoned by heavy metal poles, barbecued still conscious on grills, set on fire, blow-torched, electrocuted in the anus, boiled alive in huge cauldrons of boiling hot water… .

    As world leaders in technology and development it is disappointing that for example China and South Korea have no animal protection laws to guard the well being of it’s animals.

    For the rest of my life I will be an animal advocate and never give up to fight against the world’s most inhumane trade – the DCMT.

    Not only animal advocates have to look behind the certains. The rest of the world as well.

    As Kim Basinger already said:
    “They don’t need your tears. They need your help.”

  7. Please amend the bill to help dogs not be food – they are family Cats and dogs are precious beings !!! PLEASE AMEND the BILL ???

  8. Stop this evil nasty cruel to any animals your not human u havent got a heart u will go to hell for all u have killed .

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