Abandoned and Adopted Together – Bobo & Aegi

Abandoned & adopted togehter - Bobo & Aegi


In March of 2019, we received a phone call that two small dogs were roaming around an apartment complex together.

According to the caller, the two dogs weren’t scared of people or vehicles, so they were crossing roads near the apartment as they liked. We couldn’t guarantee that there wouldn’t be an accident, so we decided to rescue the two animals with the caller’s help.

The two dogs were very friendly, and we were certain that they’d been abandoned since they weren’t wearing any dog tags. We named the two furry friends “Bobo” and “Aegi.”


The pair were fostered by the caller while waiting to be adopted.

Eventually, we were contacted by a recently-married couple living in Toronto, Canada, who were hoping to adopt them both.

The adoption processed smoothly, as the adopters funded the flight from Korea to Canada, and Bobo and Aegi were soon off on their new adventure.

We wish Bobo and Aegi a long and happy life with their new family in their new home.

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