In the winter of 2018, we had a call that a dog was running around on a dangerous two-lane road.

We headed out and found Fitz whose fur was tangled and matted with feces and mud.

Fitz stayed with us for a while, but eventually found his forever family in Toronto, Canada, and now has a doggy friend to hang out with. 

We know that Fitz will have a great life with his new family.

We still have a shelter full of dogs who would make great additions to families both in South Korea and abroad.

If you can help by adopting a dog, or you know someone who would like to adopt a dog, please check out the many we have available. We’re sure any of them would make a wonderful new member of your family.

Alternatively, help us look after our doggy guests until they too find new lives in forever homes by donating to their upkeep.

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