Rescued from Slaughter, Sungsan

In the summer of 2018, we got a call from someone in charge of the meat farm association of Moran Market that there had been a small cage in which many dogs were kept for several months.

He told us that he himself sells dog meat for a living but it’s so hard for him to see dogs in such condition. The dogs couldn’t even move. 

I even told [the owner] that dogs shouldn’t be kept in such a state.

We immediately headed to the location. As the informant had told us, there were dogs cramped and tangled up inside an off-the-ground cage, without a space to even move.

Dogs in a small cage

The stench of spoiled food and feces was strong in the air, and the dogs were exhausted from the heat.

We met with the dog owner to have him sign over the rights. The man didn’t seem too bothered and just replied, “Take them, nobody buys dogs anymore. It’s been that way for 4 months and those aren’t even big dogs, so they won’t even fetch a proper price.

One of these rescued dogs was Sungsan.

We looked after Sungsan before he moved to his fosterer. From there he flew to Las Vegas to meet with his forever family.

There are so many animals waiting to be rescued, but it’s so hard to find families to adopt all of them. We’re happy to see dogs like Sungsan adopted, but it makes us sigh that the only people willing to adopt seem to be overseas.

If you are thinking of adopting a rescue dog, take a look at the many wonderful individuals just waiting for a loving family like yours.

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