Rescued from Cheonan Slaughterhouse – Shilo’s Story

Like the other dogs that were awaiting to be slaughtered at the Cheonan Slaughterhouse, Shilo barely survived by drinking puddles of contaminated water.

Where Shilo was tied up, the dead bodies of rats could be found everywhere. Even our staff, who were used to seeing horrific scenes of cruelty and neglect, couldn’t help but be shocked when they saw this place.

“We must save all we can”

We had to do our best to save the lives of the dogs who were looking intently at us with hope, because what they had endured was worse than almost anything else we had encountered.

Shilo was such a lucky dog. She found a fosterer who doted on her and carried her on her back when she was unable to walk easily. When she got to the US, she was met with warmth and love from her fosterer there.

And later, she finally met her forever family.

All we want for Shilo is for her to be happy. This is why we do what we do.

We’d like to thank both fosterers for showing Shilo such love and care and helping her to forget her time in the hell-hole that was the Cheonan Slaughterhouse.

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