Rescued from Cheonan Slaughterhouse – Lola’s Never-ending Smile

The Cheonan slaughterhouse investigation and rescue was the most challenging and gruesome task we undertook in 2019.

It was a rescue that involved stopping the slaughterer in the middle of hanging and burning dogs alive. Despite all the overwhelming obstacles, we were able to execute an urgent seclusion and rescue of the animals from the source of abuse. Furthermore, it was the first time in South Korea that a municipality had provided a temporary shelter.

Our activists and volunteers provided food and water to the dogs in the slaughterhouse, where mounds of dog waste and dead rats covered the ground. We continued to care for the rescued animals after transferring them to temporary shelters.

We wouldn’t have been able to accomplish all this without the help of our volunteers.

When we first saw Lola at the slaughterhouse, she couldn’t get enough of our love and attention.

It was heartbreaking to see a neglected dog show so much love towards humans, despite the fact that it was also humans who had been cruel to her and her friends at the slaughterhouse.

Lucky Lola was able to stay at a foster home until she was transported to a permanent home in Las Vegas, USA.

In December 2019, our activist and a flight volunteer visited Lola, her new adoptive family, and her animal friends in Las Vegas.

We are so grateful for Lola’s unconditional love towards humans and for never losing her smile, despite the horror she had to live through at Cheonan slaughterhouse.

We hope that Lola’s life is filled with nothing but joy from now on!

There are many more animals in our shelters waiting to find loving forever homes. Could you be their next family?

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  1. You are all doing amazing work for these beautiful animals it breaks my heart that all this is going on it’s so barbaric and cruel what sort of things could I try and to to try and help

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